Seamless Plumbing knows how frustrating water leaks and bust pipes can be and how they can strike at anytime, our qualified technicians work 24/7 around the clock for your convince, and can help with any type of emergency at any time.


1. Pipe repairs

Whether your pipe is leaking or an old galvanised pipe which has corroded, Seamless Plumbing can give you the best solution using the latest techniques and technology


2. Leak detection

If your water pipes or gas pipes are hidden behind walls, under pathways or simply underground SPS can accurately pinpoint any type of problem saving you time and money


3. Water hammer

SPS knows how frustrating water hammer can be, whether your simply just turning a tap on and off or running the washing machine/dishwater. Seamless Plumbing Solutions has the knowledge and technology to help with the reduction of water hammer leaving you with silent pipes

Seamless Plumbing Solutions knows how important your safety is when it comes to working with gas.

When SPS qualified plumbers are working on any type of gas lines, you can rely on their professionalism, where quality and compliance comes first.


SPS can help you with all your gas needs including; Gas, Gas Leaks, Hot Water, Gas Ovens/Cooktops, Bayonet Points, BBQ Points and repairs to ( existing )


At Seamless Plumbing Solutions our professional licensed plumbers have all the knowledge and technology for your pipe re-lining needs.


At SPS we can save you thousands of dollars and time. Most other companies would have to dig trenches through your brand new concrete drive way or immaculate garden never being able to restore them back to original condition.


At SPS our plumbers can help diagnose the issue and fix it using our non invasive technology leaving your home in perfect condition allowing for a smooth and continuous flow.




Seamless Plumbing Solutions are Sydney's local hot water specialists, whether you have a lack of hot water, burst or ruptured tank or simply just minor repairs or maintenance required.

Our professional licensed plumbers can assist you and your needs on giving you the best solution for your hot water. Seamless plumbing solutions have the knowledge on all types of hot water heating, whether it is a gas storage tank, instantaneous heating, electrical storage tanks, solar heating or heat pump systems.


We can provide you with the cheapest most efficient solution for your needs only using the top leading brands. 


Seamless Plumbing Solutions are a group of professional licensed plumbers that have all the latest technology and equipment for your blocked drains, to save you time and money.

Our newly equipped high flow water jetters are assured to get you out of any problem.


At SPS we are equipped with the latest CCTV technology to ensure that our plumbers can investigate, locate and fix any problems with your drains leaving you with the best solution and a smooth and continuous flow.

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